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Quick-mount - Cap with Flange Only - (No Base)

Part Number Cap Std Flange
Quick-mount - Cap with Flange  Only - (No Base)
Quick Mount cap with Flange for wood or steel pipe mounting
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This option is for situations where your towers are supported in another way and just want to take advantage of using the quick mount cap.

Does not include the quick mount base
Parts must be painted for UV protection
  • Works with wood, pipe, or extrusion frames
  • Integrated splash guard
  • Requires 1/10 the water volume as the sprinkler heads
  • Easier plumbing with tubing
  • Pipes can be rotated to face any direction at any time

Aquaponics and Organic Systems

This irrigation system is specifically designed for organic nutrient production where micro-organisms supply the nutrients for the plants rather than hydroponic salts. Organic micro-organism based systems require a lot of surface area for dense aerobic community habitat. Organic systems such as aquaponics also typically involve more solids and require larger passageways for the free movement of micro organisms. The Nutrient Irrigation Cap provides abundant habitat with its sand and biochar media as well as natural filtration and break down of larger suspended solids and supplements.


Hydroponic nutrient based system do not require the filtration and micro-organism habitat and so are used by excluding the media component in the cap.

Questions and Answers
Q: love the simplicity of this system no moving parts, do you think it would be inclined to blockages , there by making a mess. ?
Asked by: bourne - 3/6/2019
A: Actually it has proven to be much more resistant to blockage. Used with course 1/8" media it captures larger solids on the surface where they are broken down by the micro-organism.

If a blockage does occur there are multiple holes to take up the slack as opposed to just stopping like a sprinkler head.

Should it become blocked completely there are also overflow holes which keep the nutrients still moving.
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Answer provided by:  Administrator (3/6/2019)
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