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GroPockets Vertical Garden

Works with Aquaponics and Hydroponics 

  • Simple garden towers are made by attaching GroPockets using PVC cement
  • Faster growth from aeroponics system 
  • 3-4 time higher plant densities than rafts and grow beds
  • Gowing media is not required
  • Plant crowns supported away from moist root zone preventing mold and pathogens
  • PVC Pipe can be stained for a natural look
  • Ultra small footprint for small gardens
  • Watertight configurations available, no dripping water, ideal for indoor gardens!
  • Easy to swap out an individual plant
  • Flexible planting schedules
  • Flexible plant spacing 
  • Flexible sizing
  • Flexible nutrient sources: aquaponics or hydroponics
  • Easy to plant and harvest
  • Lightweight, low cost shipping 
GroTower Kits
GroTower Kits
Kits with Gropockets, irrigation assemblies, and pumps
GroPocket Components
GroPocket Components
GroPockets and Irrigation systems to turn PVC pipe into vertical growing towers.
Pumps & Plumbing
Pumps & Plumbing
Marking Template, PVC stain, SS eye bolts, etc.
Seedling Supplies
Seedling Supplies
Compost Tea & Extract Equipment
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