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GroPockets Vertical Garden

Works with Aquaponics and Hydroponics 

  • Simple garden towers are made by attaching GroPockets using PVC cement
  • Faster growth from aeroponics system 
  • 3-4 time higher plant densities than rafts and grow beds
  • Gowing media is not required
  • Plant crowns supported away from moist root zone preventing mold and pathogens
  • PVC Pipe can be stained for a natural look
  • Ultra small footprint for small gardens
  • Watertight configurations available, no dripping water, ideal for indoor gardens!
  • Easy to swap out an individual plant
  • Flexible planting schedules
  • Flexible plant spacing 
  • Flexible sizing
  • Flexible nutrient sources: aquaponics or hydroponics
  • Easy to plant and harvest
  • Lightweight, low cost shipping 
GroTower Kits
GroTower Kits
Kits with Gropockets, irrigation assemblies, and pumps
Quad GroTower Kits -
Four towers in a 2ft x 2ft space
GroPocket Components
GroPocket Components
GroPockets and Irrigation systems to turn PVC pipe into vertical growing towers.
Pumps & Plumbing
Pumps & Plumbing
Marking Template, PVC stain, SS eye bolts, etc.
Seedling Supplies
Seedling Supplies
Compost Tea & Extract Equipment
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