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Outdoor Quad

Part Number Outdoor Quad
Outdoor Quad
Gropockets Garden Tower Steel Frame
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Tank Panel
Additional Pockets help
Steel Frame Pre-cut steel tubing and fittings for assembly using metric tools [+$150.00]
Hoody Add a gabled roof to your steel frame [+$25.00]
Tools for Steel Frame
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GroPockets Quad Kit for Outdoors

The Quad is a 4 tower aquaponics and aeroponic system with 36 - 72 plants in a tiny foot print of only 2ft x 2ft. Towers are located in the center of the quad and plants face out leaving room for a plastic cover or insect netting covering the frame.  It can be place in a greenhouse or sitting on its own.

If you are growing smaller plants like strawberries you can fit 72 plants. Larger plants like lettuces are better off with the tic tac toe spacing (included in the kit) which alternates one plant per row and then 2 plants per row. By having adjoining towers have the opposite density plants have more room to grow. This means one tower will have a single pocket at a given level, while the neighbor towers would have 2 Gropockets.

Can be converted to an indoor Quad


  • 36 GroPockets
  • 4 Quad center Quick-Mount tower fittings
  • Tank top cover with seedlings
  • Tank skirt cover
  • Plumbing assembly (including pump) for 4 towers
  • Printed template for marking pipe
  • 36 seedling plugs
  • 36 net pots

Steel Frame:
The base price does not include a structure to hold the towers. You can build your own from (nominal) 2x4's, 2x2 or 1x4 cedar. Or, we sell a kit of pre-cut galvanized steel tubing with fittings which can be easily assembled. Before assembly, the tubing can easily be painted if desired.

If your Quad will not be in an enclosed area such as a greenhouse, you may want to consider adding a "Hoody" to your frame. It adds a gable roof frame to your steel frame. Plastic or insect netting can then be added to the outside without collecting water and other debris on top.

The fittings utilize 6mm & 4mm socket head bolts, driving tips are available in the following formats. 
  • T-Tool 
  • 3/8" socket driver 
  • Screw driver bit in standard 1/4" hex size
You can select any driver type or get all 3 for a slight up-charge.

Waterproof Fabric Tank Cover
The quad kit comes with a colored plastic Tank cover, but if you can upgrade it to the waterproof fabric cover.

Corner Mounting of Towers
If you are going to place your Quad in a greenhouse or similar external enclosure you can opt to use the same corner mount that the indoor system uses. This pictures above are the corner mount.  Up to 72 heads of lettuce for example will fit with the corner mount.

Does not include:

  • Frame for quick-mount system
  • 4" thin wall PVC pipe (20' feet needed)
  • 32 gallon square reservoir/fish tank
  • PVC Cement
  • Paint for quick-mount system (to resist UV).
Some Building Notes

The Tank:
Pictured in gray. (It also comes in white or red.) This reservoir (marketed as a trash container) is easily obtained on-line (Zoro part number G0160237) or from your local hardware retailer. It is a cube about 22" on a side. As shipped, it has two handles on opposing sides which must either be accommodated in your frame design or cut off. Our illustrations and frame design show the handles cut off. You may wish to build a platform on casters to put your entire Quad system on, since the water is quite heavy.

Tools you will need:

  • 2" drill bit for holes in towers
  • 11/64" drill bit for attaching quick-mount bases to square reservoir
  • Electric drill
  • Utility knife, hacksaw, and/or dremel tool to cut off 2 handles from LLDPE square tank

Patent Pending

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