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Microbiology for Aquaponics and Organic Hydroponics

Part Number Microbiology
Microbiology for Aquaponics and Organic Hydroponics
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October 9th, 2017

Understand how to get the most from your organic hydroponic or aquponic system. The first of its kind, this course looks at the nuts and bolts of microbiology and how it relates to water based growing sytems. If you don't understand how to grow the right microbiology you can't maximize your plant production.

Course Topics

The Microbiology Food Web

Inorganic vs Organic Nutrients 

What are the major types of microbes

What roles do they have in providing plant nutrients 

Beneficial vs Non-beneficial

Aerobic vs Anerobic

Minerals and microbes 

Bacteria vs fungi dominated food webs

Microbe generated nutrients vs plant requirements

Growing System Design Considerations

Oxygenation requirements and methods, good and bad

Mechanical elimination of micro-biology 


Effect of anerobic bacteria on your water and nutrients

Monitoring Potential Trouble Areas in 



Flood and Drain Beds

Sump Tanks


Evaulating your system

Microscopes - what kind, how to use them

Chemical vs Microbiological 

Testing Services

What to test

Ph & EC readings as they relate to organic growing

Compost Tea - Adding microbes

Starter Cultures and Food selection

Other amendments

Water issues

Brewing cycle - how time influences your results

Brewer requirement and evaluation

Application rates and schedules

Foilar application guidelines

Post Brew amendments

Importance in nursery propagation 

Using with Aquaponic

Using with Hydroponics 


What we know, What we don't, Where are we now


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