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How it works


Water from your sump tank is pumped into the top of the tower where a special sprinkler head disperses the water. The interior of the pipe is covered with microbiology which convert the ammonia into nitrogen and other essential plant nutrients. GroPocket plants use these nutrients thereby purifying the water for the fish.

It works just like any natural eco system, where waste from one organism feeds another. Fish water feeds the plants and the plants clean the water for the fish. Large suspended solids need to be removed prior to distribution in the towers. This can be done by incorporating media beds in the system, or using filters.

Organic Hydroponics

A reservior is used to hold compost extracts and tea. The microbiology extracted from the compost provides the nutrients for the towers and is dispersed just like traditional chemical hydropoics, except the water does not need to be changed and the cost to operate is considerably cheaper.


The nutrient solution is dispersed to the plants in the tower using a special low volume sprinkler head. Neoprene cloning pads, Grow Grips, or 2 net pots can be used with GroPockets. It makes a great cloning tower since roots have lots of air and nutrients. Pack 3 to 4 times the number of plants in the same space with GroPockets vertical garden and cloning towers.

Water Routing 

Water from the bottom of the pipe can drip directly into grow beds, a fish tank, or returned with matching plumbing tees to the nutrient or sump tank. This minimizes water loss and prevents algae build up.

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