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GroTower Kits

You can order individual components or select from one of the kits that include most of the options you will want. 
Kits are divided by the irrigation method and then height. The custom kits are bare bones offerings with lots of options to build out exactly what you need. However, unless you need to customize your purchase, the standard kits are usually the cheapest and easiest way to go. 

This system captures the grow  tower between a cap at the top and a 4x2 reducer at the bottom. It has a loose fit so will not lockup from bio-film like close fitting plumbing fittings. It drips nutrients to the plants from holes in the top cap. Optional coarse media in the cap will filter suspended solids and provides a place to add additional solid nutrients and microbiology.  It is especially good for aquaponic systems. (patent-pending)
  • towers can be rotated in any direction
  • can be lifted out for easy harvest and replanting
  • integral 4" x 2" reducer for drain
  • caps capture suspended solids without clogging 
  • can accommodate solid nutrients supplements
  • Mounted on wood, steel tubing, or extrusion
  • Uses 1/4" tubing and less water than sprinkler systems
  • More expensive than sprinkler options

In order to find the most clog-resistant irrigation system, we (both GroPockets & Murray Hallam) have tested dozens of components for months. The sprinkler head and orange-handled valve we sell are the ONLY ones we recommend. They are not the cheapest ones available, but the investment will be repaid in long term ease of use.Since it is under pressure, be sure to buy schedule 40. 
  • Use 1" - 2" supply line
  • Use standard plumbing glue and fittings
  • Less expensive than the Quick Mount System

Tower Height

Kits come in 2 tower heights: 5 foot and 3 foot. Pipe usually comes in 10 foot "sticks" which can be easily split into two 5 foot pieces or three 3 foot pieces. One 10' stick of 4" PVC pipe cut into three pieces yields three 40" towers. Each piece of pipe can accommodate at least 5 rows GroPockets. One 10' stick of PVC pipe cut into two pieces yields 2 5ft towers. Each piece can accommodate 9 rows of GroPockets.

Quick Mount Kits
Sprinkler Irrigation Kits
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