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Fibonacci 50 Gallon Compost Tea Brewer

Part Number 50 Gallon Fibonacci
Fibonacci 50 Gallon Compost Tea Brewer
Fibonacci 50 gallon Compost Tea Brewer
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The Fibonacci Compost Tea brewer produces superior mixing and aeration compared to blubbers or air stones. Its simple design is a breeze to assemble and clean, providing the premium performance of high end brewers, while significantly cheaper, and an overall much easier system to use.

How it Works

Air is pumped into the Fibonacci chamber (white) where it mixes the air and tea at high speeds to raise the tea to the surface. (It turns the entire contents over in less than 5 min.) At the top. the tea is thrust in opposite directions as it is returned to the drum to induce rotational circulation causing further aeration and mixing. Watch the video!


  • Uses no air stones
  • Uses only air to move water
  • No mechanical damage to microbiology
  • Clog free operation
  • Pulls liquids from all directions
  • Both vertical and rotational mixing
  • Turns over the entire contents every 5 min.
  • Maintains DO comfortably above 6.0 through out a 48 hr brew
  • Very quick to assemble and clean


  • Fibonacci 50 Air Lift Chamber
  • Flexible Hold Down Straps
  • Air pump
  • Hose clamps
  • Hose
  • PVC pipe & fittings
Does not include the 55 gallon plastic drum
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