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5ft Tower Kit (3 towers)

Part Number 5F-3TwH
5ft Tower Kit (3 towers)
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Grow as many plants as a 4x8 raised bed! 

GroPockets relies on a recirculating water system to keep the roots of the plants wet and supplied with nutrients. This kit provides most of what you need to build your own GroTowers including instructions on the Frame Structure and Plumbing.

This package includes:

  • GroPockets
  • AC Class C Pump 
  • Pump Harness with recycling aerator
  • 3 Premium irrigation assemblies
  • Marking Template
  • Frame and irrigation plans
For the towers themselves, one 10' piece of 4" S&D PVC pipe can be cut in half. Each 5' piece of pipe can accommodate 14 GroPockets with alternating 1 pocket per row and 2 pockets per row. This pattern is refered to as tic tac toe. You can find out more about this pattern by clicking here.

Does not Include:

  • 4" S&D pipe
  • 1" Schedule 40 pipe 
  • Nutrient Reservoir
  • 4" S&D Tees and Cap
  • PVC Cement
  • Drill Bit
You can buy all of the above at locally at a home improvement or similar store. You will also need to cut the pipe and drill holes in it before the pockets can be glued on. Please check out the "How to make a Garden Tower" video by Murray Hallam under Learn More.

These pockets are designed to be used with 4" S&D pipe. Four-inch schedule 40 pipe may be used instead; however, it is significantly more expensive. (S&D stands for sewer and drain.)

Kit Contents

The kit includes enough for 3 towers of either:
  • 9 pockets per tower  (27 total pockets) Single Pattern 
  • 14 pockets per tower (42 total pockets) Tic Tac Toe Pattern
  • 18 pockets per tower (54 total pockets) Double or 4 way Pattern

Class C Pump with Pump Harness

As described elsewhere, the Class C Pump is a high head, low volume submersible pump which can supply up to 3 towers with water while using a tee to aerate the reservoir.  The design calls for this pump to sit in the reservoir. The pump harness includes all the fittings needed to route the water out of the reservoir and up to a connection point for the 1" line on the side of the Frame Structure. It includes, among other items, a union for easy disconnect of the pump and a length of flexible PVC which makes it easy to route the supply line out of the reservoir up to the side of the stand. 

This pump uses 12V DC which is supplied by a power adapter in the AC version. If you don't need the power adapter, you can reduce the price ($20) by selecting the DC Class C Pump options above.

If you think you may want more than 3 towers, upgrade to the Class D pump.

Aerator for Reservoir

It is important to keep the water in the system aerated. The microbiology feeding the plants depend on it. This can be done with traditional aeration or using a tee off the pump supply line. The plumbing off the tee shown here returns water back into the reservoir to create continual circulation. The valve also allows you to set the flow so that there is no back pressure on the pump.

This circulation of the tank many times an hour through the air as it is returned back into the reservoir insure high oxygen levels for the microbiology.

Premium Irrigation Assembly

The premium irrigation assemblies make plumbing the system much easier. It includes all the fittings needed and provides for individual tower water shut off and a swivel connector to remove the lower irrigation assembly for any maintenance needed.

Assembly includes:
  • 1" x 3/4" reducing tee
  • 3/4" shut off valve
  • 3/4" x 1/2" reducing male adapter
  • pre-cut piece of 1/2" Schedule 40 pvc pipe 
  • 1/2" x 3/8" to connect the irrigation head
  • an inverted rotor irrigation head
  • splash guard

  • Marking Template

    GroPockets Pipe Marking Template The marking template allows you to quickly mark the 4" S&D pipe for drilling. 5 different patterns are include on the template; they are differentiated by color. For more information see here...
    20 mesh Y strainer

    Optional Y-Strainer Filter

    This type of Y filter is readily available in home improvement stores, however it is normally sold in a very fine mesh, 120-150. All microbiology does not pass through such a fine mesh particularly the fungi needed for good root development. This filter allows the microbiology to pass through the mesh, while preventing the baby snails, etc. from clogging the sprinkler heads. It has a 20 mesh filter in it. 
    Class B Pump (2 towers) - Submersible Only
    Class B Pump (2 towers) - Submersible Only
    Your Price: $50.00
    PVC Stain - TerraCotta Brown
    PVC Stain - TerraCotta Brown
    Your Price: $12.95
    Stainless Steel Eye Bolts (qty 2)
    Stainless Steel Eye Bolts (qty 2)
    Your Price: $6.00
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